Migrating from WP Tweets Pro

XPoster Pro is essentially the same plugin as WP Tweets Pro, although there have been a few improvements and some necessary compatibility changes to meets X.com’s new API expectations.

If you had a WP Tweets Pro subscription between August 15th, 2023 to November 15th 2023, you should have received the final release update of WP Tweets Pro. This rebranded the plugin as XPoster Pro and made it compatible with X.com’s API requirements. You are free to continue using that plugin as long as it works; I don’t have plans to explicitly discontinue compatibility, but I also don’t expect I’ll be able to keep both versions compatible forever.

If you add a license to XPoster Pro purchased here, you will need to remove your existing copy of WP Tweets Pro or XPoster Pro and upload the new plugin. This is for only one reason: your old copy will be attempting to authenticate your license through joedolson.com, and your license will not be recognized there.

Do not delete your old version using the WordPress deletion option.

Doing so will remove your settings configured in the Pro plugin. If you are comfortable restoring those settings, feel free to delete this way.

Migration Steps

  1. Deactivate your existing plugin, WP Tweets Pro or XPoster Pro.
  2. Go to WordPress > Plugins > Add New > Upload
  3. Upload the new version of the plugin you received via email.
  4. Activate the new plugin.
  5. Go to XPoster Pro > Pro Settings and replace the license key with your new license key.

You can leave the old version of the plugin in place, but I strongly recommend removing the files manually. You can remove them via FTP or using a file manager in your hosting control panel.