General Site Information

Refund Policy

I provide 100% refunds with no questions asked on XPoster purchased from this web site within 7 days of the purchase, and a 50% refund with no questions asked within 21 days after the purchase.


Licenses grant the holder access to support and updates for XPoster and XPoster Pro. The number of sites support varies by license type: User (1 site), Developer (2-5 sites) or Agency (more than 5 sites.)

You are permitted to activate the license on up to one staging or local environment for each registered site. Staging sites should be in staging mode, enabled using the constant WPT_STAGING_MODE.

Affiliate Program

All purchasers are enrolled in my affiliate referral program. The affiliate referral program uses cookies to credit purchases to referrers anytime within 7 days of referral. Affiliate payouts are 20% of initial purchase price, but do not include subscription payments. Contact me to join the affiliate program without making a purchase.


If you believe you have identified a security issue in one of my plug-ins, in a theme, or on my web site, please contact me privately at so that I can investigate, confirm, and fix the issue before it is disclosed publicly. Thank you!

The code, style, images, and written texts located at are copyright Joseph C Dolson, except where otherwise marked. Software is licensed either under the Gnu General Public License.

XPosterPro is owned and operated by Joseph C Dolson.