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Plugin Readiness for Gutenberg

December 4, 2018


Topics: Plugins, WordPress.

WordPress 5.0 is currently scheduled for release on Thursday, December 6th. This date has changed several times already, but I believe that this date will actually happen. The new content editor, Gutenberg, will be included in the release. The user interface has been considered stable for all of 8 days. I’ve talked a fair amount recently about the accessibility of Gutenberg and what the user experience will be like for users of assistive technology – but this post isn’t about […]

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Twitter expands to 280 characters – sort of.

November 13, 2017


Topics: WordPress.

In WP to Twitter version 3.3.1, I’m adding a control to extend the allowed length of your Tweets using WP to Twitter. This post is to explain that feature, because as much as there’s been a lot published claiming that Twitter has expanded posts to 280 characters, that’s not strictly accurate. Strictly accurate matters a lot in programming, even if your actual experience using Twitter might seem exactly right. As a result, it’s going to be a little while before […]

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Using custom template tags with WP to Twitter

June 13, 2013

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Topics: Web Development, WordPress.

Yesterday, I received a support request asking about how somebody could parse a URL out of their post title and post that as the shortened URL attached to their Tweet. They always used the same format to add the URL — <a href="http://thedomain.com">The Title</a>. Well. Not a standard use, certainly — but it is something that you can do using WP to Twitter, with a little custom code. So this is a good time to write up the custom template […]

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WP to Twitter announcements

February 18, 2011


Topics: WordPress.

First of all, I released version 2.2.7 today. This version is mostly a bug fix and error message improvement release, intended to help users solve their own problems more easily, as well as enhancing the overall stability of the plug-in with a wider variety of installation scenarios. Second, I want you to know about my WP to Twitter Fundry page. Fundry is a site which helps developers raise money to improve their projects. There are a handful of pledges already, […]

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WP to Twitter Update

November 24, 2008


Topics: WordPress.

Current version: 2.1.1 Download WP-to-Twitter Follow me on Twitter! Support this plugin! Support Questions and FAQ Version 2.1.1 released. This is primarily a release targeted at tracking down some nagging problems; but it includes the ability to disable error messages for those suffering from errors even when the plugin is correctly shortening and posting your status updates. 2.0.0 Fixed bug introduced in WordPress 2.9 where logged in users could only edit their own profiles and associated issues. Fixed bug which […]

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