Awesome WordPress plug-ins are built making extensive use of awesome core WordPress tools: filters and actions. My own plug-ins are no exceptions.

But the fact that I’ve used the awesome power of filters and actions in my plug-ins doesn’t automatically mean that you know how to use and implement them. There are some great tutorials available on how to use WordPress actions and filters (or hooks, as they’re known collectively):

I’ve written tutorials specific to some of my own hooks right here:

But, in practical terms, these aren’t the right solution for everybody. For the last few months, I’ve been working on building a library of extensions housed on GitHub that show examples of specific functionality in my plug-ins. Not every plug-in is represented yet, and certainly not every available hook, but there are a ton of useful examples for you to reference and learn from.

Take a look at my GitHub reference library for plug-in extensions and learn more about WordPress actions and filters!