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WP to Twitter Updated to OAuth

August 16, 2010


Topics: WordPress.

Well, it’s a day for updates. Today was (at one point) the deadline for Twitter to permanently disable Basic authentication. The date has now been extended to August 31st, but the difference isn’t really significant. The one benefit which it will provide is a little extra time to debug the new OAuth version of WP to Twitter before it becomes the only working version. There are a lot of complications surrounding the OAuth update — most of them unfortunate. For […]

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The future of WP to Twitter

May 5, 2010


Topics: Web Development, WordPress.

In June of 2010, Twitter will be permanently disabling basic authentication in favor of the OAuth protocol for authentication. For WordPress plugins which make use of the Twitter API, this is a change which will have significant repercussions. The specific repercussion will be that every implementation of a plugin will need to be registered with Twitter as a separate application. This means that the development of WP to Twitter will need to move in a slightly different direction. After pondering […]

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