Well, it’s a day for updates. Today was (at one point) the deadline for Twitter to permanently disable Basic authentication. The date has now been extended to August 31st, but the difference isn’t really significant.

The one benefit which it will provide is a little extra time to debug the new OAuth version of WP to Twitter before it becomes the only working version.

There are a lot of complications surrounding the OAuth update — most of them unfortunate. For the first time since I began work on this plugin, I had to remove features. As far as I can tell, there’s no way to operate two separate user accounts with an OAuth authenticated application, for example. As a result, I’ve had to remove the ability to assign separate author accounts for Twitter posting. As development progresses, a way forward may show up — but for now, I just don’t really have another option.

My biggest request at this time: if you can, please decide you’re willing to use this version now, to provide me with feedback so it will work as well as it possibly can when all past versions cease to be functional.

There will be problems; I’m sure of it. I just hope to find them all soon enough.