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Custom Scheduling in WP Tweets PRO

October 7, 2013

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Topics: Blogging, WordPress.

WP to Twitter is a simple plug-in — publish your post, send out a Tweet. WP Tweets PRO makes that a bit more sophisticated: publish your post, send out the Tweet a few minutes later and schedule a couple additional Tweets for points in the future. But it’s still straightforward – WP Tweets PRO gives you a setting to determine intervals. You can have your post Tweeted 10 minutes after publication, then you can set an interval (say, 13 hours), […]

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The future of WP to Twitter

May 5, 2010


Topics: Web Development, WordPress.

In June of 2010, Twitter will be permanently disabling basic authentication in favor of the OAuth protocol for authentication. For WordPress plugins which make use of the Twitter API, this is a change which will have significant repercussions. The specific repercussion will be that every implementation of a plugin will need to be registered with Twitter as a separate application. This means that the development of WP to Twitter will need to move in a slightly different direction. After pondering […]

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WP to Twitter update: Cli.gs to be shut down

October 9, 2009


Topics: News, WordPress.

Continuing updates: Cli.gs gets a temporary stay of execution. Keep watching for further news — I may end up making these changes after all, but for now I’ll wait and see. The Cli.gs URL shortening service is due to be closed down on Sunday, October 25th. At this time, the service will stop accepting new short URLs and generating statistics, but will continue to forward visitors at least through the end of November. What does this mean for WP to […]

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