Continuing updates: gets a temporary stay of execution. Keep watching for further news — I may end up making these changes after all, but for now I’ll wait and see.

The URL shortening service is due to be closed down on Sunday, October 25th. At this time, the service will stop accepting new short URLs and generating statistics, but will continue to forward visitors at least through the end of November.

What does this mean for WP to Twitter?

Shortly before October 25th, I will release a very important update to WP to Twitter which will encompass the following changes:

  1. I will remove support for new shortened URLs.
  2. To continue offering choice, I will add support for at least one additional shortener.
  3. Users with as their selected shortener will be given a choice what shortener they’d like to switch to.
  4. If no choice is made, users will be switched to un-shortened URLs

Additionally, I aim to add support for custom shortened URLs – URLs shortened on your own domain. However, this may not happen by October 25th.