Twitter is currently in the much-lambasted and disruptive process of making big changes to their API. As the author of a WordPress plug-in which only exists with any value due to its ability to use the Twitter API, I have to be pretty attentive to these kinds of changes.

The API changes probably won’t have any significant impact on WP to Twitter or on most users of WP to Twitter. Technically, I’ve needed to change the name of the application since their last major change in terms of service – the use of the “Twitter” mark is a violation of their terms of service. (Technically, a violation of their trademark guidelines.) That will probably happen in the next few months – so be warned. It’s going to be a pain, but I have to do it.

However, these changes — as published so far — don’t appear to have a major impact on a software application like WP to Twitter.

First, a significant set of the changes regard the display of Tweets. Well, fortunately, WP to Twitter doesn’t display Tweets in any way. So, I can pretty much ignore that entire section.

Second, the next big set of changes have to do with application size. Now, WP to Twitter does have over a million downloads – which probably translates to 20 or 30,000 active users. Maybe even more. However, from the Twitter application perspective every one of those users is a separate application; so none of them are large scale applications which will greatly impact Twitter.

Third, they’re modifying the rate limiting rules. While hypothetically this could effect WP to Twitter, it’s not very likely. The limit is something like 60 calls per hour for a given endpoint. WP to Twitter uses only one endpoint – the status update endpoint – so you may run into this if you’re posting more than 60 times per hour from your WordPress blog. Possible, but not very likely.

So, on the basis of what Twitter has published so far, WP to Twitter appears to be safe. However, it is certain that these rules are not the complete set of rule changes. For now, I’ll just try and keep up with the information and find out what’s going to happen. WP to Twitter isn’t going anywhere yet.

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