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Learning about WP to Twitter

April 27, 2016


Topics: Blogging, WordPress.

Given that I first wrote my plug-in WP to Twitter almost 8 years ago, and it’s been in continuous development since then, you might expect that I know all about it. But that would only be half the truth. What I know about WP to Twitter is the code base. I know how it works, I know why I made various decisions, and I know what I really want to change in future development. But I know very little about […]

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Store migrated to Easy Digital Downloads

February 29, 2016

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Topics: WordPress.

So, it’s been a long weekend. But if you throw enough 14 hour days together, you can get a lot done! As of this weekend, my store has been migrated to Easy Digital Downloads. This wasn’t an easy decision, but it was a necessary one. From a purely practical standpoint, I’d reached the limits of the amount of time I could spend writing plug-ins while also maintaining a totally custom sales experience. If I wanted a new feature, I had […]

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Extending WordPress Plug-ins

January 2, 2016

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Topics: Web Development, WordPress.

Awesome WordPress plug-ins are built making extensive use of awesome core WordPress tools: filters and actions. My own plug-ins are no exceptions. But the fact that I’ve used the awesome power of filters and actions in my plug-ins doesn’t automatically mean that you know how to use and implement them. There are some great tutorials available on how to use WordPress actions and filters (or hooks, as they’re known collectively): Learning to use WordPress hooks from Elegant Themes The Complete […]

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Security Update for WP to Twitter

September 12, 2014


Topics: WordPress.

On September 8th, the web site Vexatious Tendencies disclosed publically a security flaw in the WP to Twitter “Tweet Now” functionality, introduced in version 2.9.0. The security flaw would allow unauthenticated users to post to the administrator’s Twitter account. See WordPress plugin vulnerability dump, part 2 for more details about the vulnerability. This is a severe vulnerability, and you should update as soon as possible. If you are still running a version of WP to Twitter older than 2.9.0, you […]

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Custom Scheduling in WP Tweets PRO

October 7, 2013

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Topics: Blogging, WordPress.

WP to Twitter is a simple plug-in — publish your post, send out a Tweet. WP Tweets PRO makes that a bit more sophisticated: publish your post, send out the Tweet a few minutes later and schedule a couple additional Tweets for points in the future. But it’s still straightforward – WP Tweets PRO gives you a setting to determine intervals. You can have your post Tweeted 10 minutes after publication, then you can set an interval (say, 13 hours), […]

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