I’m just now releasing version 4.0.3 of XPoster, removing the search and display widgets. While it is still technically possible to use search and display widgets, they’re only supported at the $5,000 per month Pro level X.com API access level.

In order to make these widgets usable even at that level, I’d need to rewrite them to support the version 2 API, and given the extremely small market of users who would be able to use them – I don’t think it’s worth it.

If you’re an avid XPoster user, and you’re paying over $5,000 per month for access to the API, feel free to contact me to pay for a custom integration. As a commercial product, however, it’s pretty much not viable.

This is the only feature I expect to have to remove from XPoster, so barring continuing API changes at X.com, you shouldn’t have to expect any further changes of this nature.

I’m not going to call it a loss of functionality; since they aren’t functional right now; effectively, I’m just eliminating a bunch of already-dead code.