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WP Tweets Pro 2.0.0: now sending your alt text to Twitter

December 11, 2020

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Topics: Accessibility, WordPress.

It’s taken way too long, and was completed in what I might consider the most frustrating way. I’ve been working on and off towards getting support for Twitter’s API to add alternative text to Twitter images for years – literally since they first published the API. At first, the documentation was just broken. Later, it was no longer broken, but woefully incomplete. I tried numerous variations to get it to work, and each time I’d eventually be frustrated and put […]

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WP to Twitter announcements

February 18, 2011


Topics: WordPress.

First of all, I released version 2.2.7 today. This version is mostly a bug fix and error message improvement release, intended to help users solve their own problems more easily, as well as enhancing the overall stability of the plug-in with a wider variety of installation scenarios. Second, I want you to know about my WP to Twitter Fundry page. Fundry is a site which helps developers raise money to improve their projects. There are a handful of pledges already, […]

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WP to Twitter Updated to OAuth

August 16, 2010


Topics: WordPress.

Well, it’s a day for updates. Today was (at one point) the deadline for Twitter to permanently disable Basic authentication. The date has now been extended to August 31st, but the difference isn’t really significant. The one benefit which it will provide is a little extra time to debug the new OAuth version of WP to Twitter before it becomes the only working version. There are a lot of complications surrounding the OAuth update — most of them unfortunate. For […]

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